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 iMagic, Alarm System


Imagic Sistema patentado iMAGIC is a innovative security device, developed for commercial and residential use.

iMAGIC is an original anti-burglar device which uses three different detection technologies controlled by a microcontroller, avoiding nuisance alarm and permitting the movement of people and animals inside the protected zone.



  • Simplify the installation to a single device

    Our patent combines three technologies (infrared, glass break and infrasound) in a single device.

  • Installation guaranteed, avoiding security vulnerability

    We surpass the frequency inhibitors and protect the whole building through infrasound technology, able to protect premises of up to 144 m².

  • A revolution on the concept of security, making the presence of the user possible in the protected zone

    While our device controls the opening of doors and windows, it allows the user to move around the protected area.

  • Installation costs reduction

    The use of a single device reduces costs in time of labour and installation materials.

  • Eliminates the maintenance costs

    It avoids the substitution costs and the inconveniences associated with the use of batteries and radiofrequency.

  • Adaptable to all the security systems in the market

    It communicates with the panel through three N.C outlets compatible with all the current systems.

Technology used

1. Door and window opening detection

The door and window opening detection is based in the volumetric and molecular sound recognition. When a intruder beats against a door or window, this action emanates an infrasound which is transmitted by the air pressure.

In a first phase, iMAGIC detects the impact on the door or window. In a second phase, it detects the change in air pressure originated by the opening.
With these two technologies combined, we acquired an innovative detection method, free of nuisance alarms.

2. Movement detection

Movement detection by passive infrared (PIR), is a technology based on the changes of ambient thermal radiation. When an intruder trespasses the protected zone, the resulting change of energy in the infrared band is detected and sets on the alarm.

iMAGIC uses a Fresnel lens and offers effective protection to commercial and residential areas.

It is designed for wall mounting and has an oscillating wall mounting system.

3. Glass break detection

The glass break detection is a technology based on recording environmental changes through a frequency spectrum. When an intruder forces the glass, the impact produces a shock wave, followed by the glass break, which sets on the alarm.

In a first phase iMAGIC detects the impact on the glass and in the second phase, it detects the break, creating a new concept of glass break detection.


Residential installation of iMagic Residential installation of iMagic

EC label
Certified according to standard EN-50131-1, Degree 2, Class II
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