Specialized in Security

Idsegur, Investigación y Desarrollo en Seguridad

IDsegur is a firm whose promoters have more than 30 year experience in the security field. It is a robust business model that permits us to invest in all the topics fundamental to innovation.

IDsegur develops products for the security field from the market analysis to the design, production and commercialization stages. This work is consolidated through collaborations with universities, technological centers, companies and institutions. Those collaborations permit to develop a valuable R&D to offer technologically advanced products to answer the needs of new and emerging markets.

IDsegur, Specialized in Security

Our Forward-looking approach

To be a reference, technology-supplier company in the national and international security markets. To be a company focused on technological innovation and on a deep commitment to satisfy our clients' needs.

Our Mission

To satisfy the needs of the market in the security field through innovative technology with a high standard of quality.

Our Outstanding Qualities

  1. 1 Aim on profitability and value creation.
  2. 2 Culture of quality, competitiveness and professional ethic.
  3. 3 Leadership, answering the needs of the society.
  4. 4 Constantly innovating through creative R&D.
  5. 5 Continuous search of our clients’ satisfaction and an attitude of collaboration and confidence with our suppliers.
  6. 6 Reliability of our compromise with clients and suppliers.

Our Milestones

  1. 1999 Patent on electronic timer lock.
  2. 2000 Patent on lock protector.
  3. 2001 Patent on locking device for shutters.
  4. 2003 Patent on external community letterboxes.
  5. 2004 Patent on gas and water leakage and shut off devices.
  6. 2006 Patent on iMAGIC
  7. 2007 Patent on iTICAL
  8. 2008 IDsegur

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